The Kansai High School Model United Nations


At the 2015 Kansai High School MUN, the agenda is The Rights of the Child. Delegates are to try to find some solutions to this problem. Different countries and different regions will have different ideas and opinions on how to solve the problem of this agenda topic. During informal debate, delegates discuss these ideas and opinions.


In order to find solutions, MUN delegates write draft resolutions about the agenda. A draft resolution is a document that has a country’s or a group of countries’ ideas for a solution.

At the Kansai High School Model United Nations, Economic Blocs are assigned topics on which to write resolutions. First, they write the draft resolution working together in order to accurately represent their Bloc’s opinion. Then they introduce it to the general session, following the rules and procedures. Next, the delegates begin to
debate the draft resolution during informal debate and caucus time.


Sometimes, delegates will make changes to the resolution. Changes to the resolution are called amendments. After the debates are finished, delegates vote on the amendments. After they vote on the amendments, delegates vote on the draft resolution. If 2/3 of the countries vote ‘yes’ for the resolution, then the draft resolution becomes an official resolution and policy of the KHSMUN.